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A variety of smart labels

Meet the different needs of the market

High frequency tag

Goods and personnel management, anti-counterfeiting traceability management

UHF tags

Supply chain and production line, air parcel management

Special \ low frequency label

Animal husbandry and automobile anti-theft, hotel entrance guard management

Anti-metal\fragile label

Assets\production line\power industry, anti-theft for anti-tampering


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Shenzhen YX IOT Technology Co., Ltd. provides RFID series solutions, including hardware, software, service and support. Support customers in logistics, industrial automation, retail and vehicle identification applications. The possibility of providing all the required components and tools from one source allows us to give our customers the most powerful solutions. From tracking and tracking visualization to seamless integration of any type of identification technology—including solutions such as barcode readers, active RFID systems, and wide area network technologies—we combine the most appropriate functions with the interfaces of various ERP systems. First-class service and customer-oriented support make our investment portfolio more perfect. We provide RF simulation, application support, software integration and implementation, and operation and maintenance-all from a single source ...
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  • NFC technology or looking for a new way out in the logistics NFC technology or looking for a new way out in the logistics


    Now that the Internet and smart phones have become popular, NFC has gradually been applied in many fields. NFC is used to conduct anti-counterfeiting traceability verification, anti-counterfeiting payment, social sharing, etc., and NFC techn...

  • What is the difference between RFID technology library manageWhat is the difference between RFID technology library manage


    The self-service management of urban public libraries can improve the level of library management, which is related to the overall development of library services and the rational layout of information resources, and improves readers satisf...

  • What are the basic applications of NFC technology?What are the basic applications of NFC technology?


    As a popular near field communication technology in recent years, NFC has been widely used in social media sharing, cashless payment, security access control and other fields in recent years, and has a wide range of applications. So how is N...

  • RFID cold chain food traceability labels, let anti-counterfeRFID cold chain food traceability labels, let anti-counterfe


    Enhance confidence in the purchase of imported and exported food under the epidemic, RFID traceable tags escort the cold chain logistics industry...