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Hospital maternal and infant RFID wristband management is open to citizens

Medical construction has always been the direction that all countries are working hard. How can we better perform medical functions and how can we use modern technology to improve medical facilities are things that research institutions have been working hard on. Just recently, a system platform called RFID wristband management for mothers and babies was officially opened to the public.
At present, most obstetrics and gynecology departments in hospitals generally use marking rings for mothers and babies until they are discharged from the hospital to identify mothers and babies. This marking ring is a purely physical medium and can be easily exchanged. The existing management system of the hospital will not allow the family members who visit the baby to enter and limit the number of people, and control the casual entry and exit of the idle personnel. Even so, due to the eagerness of family members to visit mothers and babies, it is difficult to manage them in practice. How to solve the baby's theft and prevent errors is a technical problem urgently needed to be solved by the obstetrics and gynecology hospital.
Therefore, according to the actual situation and management needs of the hospital, the hospital mother and child RFID wristband management system designed with advanced Internet of Things technology is based on the principle of openness, which supports both centralized management and humanized services, which is in line with the current and Solutions for future development. It will play a major role in the management of maternal and child identification, infant anti-theft management, and access authority management in the obstetrics and gynecology department of large general hospitals or women and children hospitals.
RFID medical wristband
(Picture: RFID medical wristband)
The functions of the hospital maternal and infant RFID wristband management system:
1. Wristband management
Provide baby wristbands, mother or family wristbands, and caregiver tag issuance, binding and maintenance functions, and establish exclusive files for baby and mother electronic tags. And you can view historical wristband records. These tags all use non-repeatable ID numbers to avoid mistakes. In order to facilitate visual identification, the basic information of the baby can be pasted or printed on the wristband: parent's name, date of birth, gender, nurse's name, etc.
2. Real-time monitoring
2.1. Mother-infant interaction: When the mother wears a button label, the mother can actively request to check the baby's status by pressing the special label button, and the ward display will automatically show the baby's monitoring screen, showing the baby's current location and nursing status information .
2.2. Anti-theft alarm: Signal detectors are installed in the ward area, entrances and exits of the ward, and important external passages to know the location of the baby in real time. If the baby leaves the ward or ward without permission, the alarm will be activated immediately, and according to The alarm level can appear at the nursing workstation and the security monitoring station at the same time, and send an alarm sound to the mother's wristband.
2.3. Anti-lock error: When the baby appears in the same area with other unbound mothers or nursing staff, the system will analyze according to the pre-set anti-lock error logic and issue an early warning reminder. The system will automatically analyze whether there is a wrong embracing, nursing The personnel can also compare and confirm through the mobile terminal.
2.4. Tag tamper-proof: the tag worn by the baby has a tamper-proof function. If the tag is deliberately removed, the tag will immediately notify the monitoring and send out an audible alarm.
2.5. Video linkage: The system monitoring platform can be linked with the hospital's video network. When an alarm occurs, the camera in the alarm area is immediately switched to view the video image of the alarm area.
3. Baby care management
3.1. Check-in and check-out: When the baby needs to leave the ward due to bathing, emergency care, etc., it needs to check out through the handheld terminal or on the PC console, and it is judged that it is allowed to leave, otherwise the alarm will prompt, and the time will be automatically when returning to the ward Give check-in.
3.2. Baby care records: The system matches the hand-held mobile nursing workstations for the nursing staff. During the nursing process, the nursing staff can scan the mother and baby wristbands through the mobile workstation to perform nursing work. The system will record all bedside nursing services. Identify the tags of the nursing staff and automatically record the inspection records of the nursing staff.
4. Comprehensive query
Comprehensive query can provide detailed information of mother and baby based on wristband, mother's name, bed number, baby's date of birth, and provide historical record query functions such as alarm events, personalized services, and nursing records.
Mother and baby wristband
(Picture: RFID mother and baby wristband)
5. Monitoring of baby care environment
5.1. Temperature and humidity monitoring in the baby-friendly area: by installing temperature and humidity sensors, the temperature and humidity data of the ward and the baby-friendly area are collected, and displayed on the monitoring platform in real time, so as to provide a more comfortable nursing environment. Temperature and humidity data provide more reasonable nursing services for nursing staff.
5.2. Bathing water temperature monitoring: At present, the water temperature of the baby bathing pool and swimming pool are determined by the nursing staff's own feelings. Different nursing staff have different experience values. To ensure that the water temperature is within a reasonable range, the system provides a water temperature tester, which will be displayed after collection. On the monitoring platform, nursing staff is provided with a basis for nursing. When the water temperature is too high or too low, the system will automatically generate an alarm.
6. Personalized service
The baby wristband is a memorial for every family and a proof of the birth of a child. Using technical means to print baby features such as photos and hand shapes on the wristband, the system can provide more personalized services to the baby.


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